Cheer FAQ’s

Q: Is any experience necessary?
A: No, there is no experience necessary. We get new participants at all levels each year. The coaches will work with anyone new to bring them up to speed. We highly encourage new participants!

Q: When is registration?
A: Registration is open!! Please click "2022 Registration"in the menu bar above. We encourage you to register as soon as possible so that we can plan ahead for needed equipment. Uniform fitting night will occur in April.

Q: What is the cost to participate?
$175.00 before the first practice. This covers fees, uniform rental, a cheer bow and jersey.

Q: Is there any additional items I need to purchase for my child not included in my registration fee?
A:  Yes! Soft sole, white, cheer shoes (est $30-$50), a navy blue tank and navy blue leggins (est. $10) & a team jacket ($55).

An optional purchase is a red, glitter backpack. It is not required but most of the cheerleaders have them.

Q: Do the cheerleaders fundraise?

A: We do!! To help support the program and keep costs low for familes, the football and cheer teams have an annual fundraiser. More information on this when details are finalized.

Q: When will practice begin?
Practices will begin mid-August.  Practice is 3 days a week. The first 2 weeks of practices are held behind Wilkins. The location of preatices for the rest of the season will be released as practice space is confirmed by the Recreation Department. This happens in late August.

Q: How many competitions does the team participate in?

A: Competitions are widely vewed by the cheerleaders as the most exciting part of the season!! We generally cheer in 2-3 competitions that take place in October. Competition dates and times are not released by the host teams until October. Information will be given to families as soon as we have it from the host teams.

Q: Do the cheerleaders participate in anything else?

A: The cheer and football teams have been an Amherst staple for more than 40 years. We try to support the town by participating in the 4th of July Parade, in town festivities, and attend a pre-season BBQ Jamboree as a kick-off to the season.

Q: How do families receive information throughout the season?

A: Emails will be sent to the email address that you provide at registration. 

Q: Are parents required to volunteer during the season? 
A: The Amherst Patriots rely heavily on volunteers. The progam can not run without help from each family. Each family is required to volunteer at least once throughout the season.

Q: Our family goes on vacation during August every year, how will this affect my child?
A: Cheer is unlike other sports in that we need each member of the team in order to practice. August practices are especially important because this is when we teach our game material and competition choreography. Especially if your daughter is on one of the older teams, absences may affect her role in the routine. Please consider all practices mandatory, however, if your daughter does need to miss a practice it’s important to contact your head coach so that we can adjust our practice plan accordingly. Please make sure your daughter removes all jewelry, brings plenty of water and cheer shoes to practice

Q: I would like to be a coach or assistant coach, or be a team parent who do I contact?
A: Please e-mail Lisa Marie Wellen at

Q: My child is sick, will miss practice \ game or will be late, who do I contact?
A: Please contact your child’s head coach at least 2hrs prior or as soon as you know directly by phone.

Q: What are the Post Season commitments and Schedule?
A: Playoff football games are played in November (The Amherst Patriots have been very successful in the past, prepare to cheer late into the fall!). Cheerleaders are required to be present at all regular season and post season games regardless of the weather

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