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Welcome to Amherst Patriots Cheer!

For those of you who are new to cheer, this information is meant to outline some of the details of our program.  It’s entirely possible that you’ll still have questions if so please feel free to contact me or talk to any of our veteran cheer parents or participants.

            The Patriots have proudly represented Amherst for more than 40 years.  Our coaches and cheerleaders work hard to perfect performances at both football games and competitions.  We work hard to instill a strong work ethic in a supportive team environment. Cheer is incredibly physical. We train our girls to have to have the body awareness to perform intricate dance routines, strength in order to hold people over their heads, toss them in the air and catch them and mental stamina to learn and recall material at a quick pace.  We have a strong commitment to safety and work hard to build our girl’s self- esteem and pride.

 Welcome to the family! 

Here is some important parent information:

             *  Cheerleaders will have the opportunity to cheer in regular season football games.  These games are typically played in Amherst, however a couple will be played in a variety of southern NH towns.   Playoff football games played in November. (The Amherst Patriots have been very successful in the past, prepare to cheer late into the fall!).  Cheer teams are required to be present at all regular season and post season games regardless of the weather. 

            *  The girls will also have the opportunity to compete in 3 state cheer competitions throughout  September and October.    Spectator entry fees for these events are typically $10.00. Additionally, the Middle School team has the opportunity to compete at Regionals in Boston in November if they earn a bid at one of our New Hampshire competitions. 

            *  Practices are very important !! Practice day and times will be communicated as soon as they are available.  Please keep in mind that we work with the Recreation Department for practice space, and as such do not often have a final schedule until Spetember.  We understand that this is not ideal but it is out of our control.  Regular season practices are generally 2 hours long.

            *  We participate in the Amherst 4th of July parade.  This is an optional event.  We realize that many of you have plans that day but if you’re available the kids ride on our float and parents walk behind. 

             *  Cheer is unlike other sports in that we need every member of the team in order to practice. August practices are especially important because this is when we teach our game material and competition choreography. Absences may affect your daughter’s role in the routine.  Please consider all practices mandatory, however, if your daughter does need to miss a practice it’s important to contact your head coach so that we can adjust our practice plan accordingly.  Please make sure your daughter removes all jewelry, brings plenty of water and cheer shoes to practice. 

            *  Regular season practices are two hours long.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch but we ask that you stay in your car or off the practice surface unless invited by the coaches to participate. 

            *  Each family is required to volunteer in the snack shack at the home football games at lease once.  (Coaches and team moms are exempt from this requirement).  Team moms will be coordinating volunteer requirements.  Cheerleaders who’s parents do not fulfil their volunteer commitment will not be invited to the end of the year banquet.  








Required Purchase ?

Where to buy….


Sideline Jackets


Team webstore




Team webstore OR buy any navy blue leggings

$5.00- $25.00

Cheer shoes










Buy any all-white cheer shoe:  Here are some suggestions….

Payless ( Girls “spirit” or “sizzle”), etc….

 (Please purchase by the first practice!)

$15.00 – $50.00




no show white socks


Walmart, Target, etc….






Lisa Marie Wellen

Amherst Patriots Cheer Coordinator

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