Football FAQ’s

Q: Is any experience necessary?
A: No, there is no experience necessary. We get new participants at all levels each year. The coaches will work with anyone new to bring them up to speed. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate if they want to do so, and we highly encourage new participants!

Q: When is registration?

Q: What is the cost to play?
A: Football will be $225 per player.  Cheer is $150 per participant.  If you have specific questions about costs, etc., please e-mail

Q: What does my fee pay for?:
A: Your football fee pays for your equipment (other than cleats and cup).  In addition, it pays for the field time, referees, E.M.T., jerseys, etc.

Q: I am putting my child’s weight on the registration form, why do we need to attend the weigh in?
A: The weigh in will be used for the initial placement on a team.  We strive to put kids on the team they will ultimately play on, but if there are kids that are on the border line we need to know that in April.  We will weigh everyone again on the first day of practice to make the final determination.  If a child is 5 pounds or more over the weight they will be moved to the next level.

Q: When will practice begin?

Q: Our family goes on vacation during August every year, how will this affect my child?
A: The answer to that will depend on the level and age of your child. Many of the skills used during the year are learned in August, and your child would be pretty far behind. Additionally, the first week is conditioning week where your child will receive 10 hours of conditioning in order to put pads on (for Football), or stunting (for Cheer).  Missing all or part of that week can be significant. Should you cancel your vacation? No, unless it won’t cost you anything. Just be aware for future years and try to plan around that. Typically it is first year players that are affected by vacation in August…and unfortunately those are also typically the ones who need that practice the most.

Q: What is the time investment for practice?

Q: When is the first game?

Q: I hear that I will have to volunteer time during the season.  How much time?
A: The Amherst Patriots rely heavily on volunteers to do many jobs.  These range from Coach to Board Member to working in the snack shack.  How many hours you will need to do will depend on the job you have chosen, and how many slots need to be filled.  For example, the snack shack needs to be staffed from an hour before the first game until an hour after the last game.  The team moms along with the volunteer coordinator will work with you to determine what jobs you can do and when you will need to do them. Remember that we cannot be successful without our volunteers!

Q: Who will be my child’s coach?
A: The teams will be set up based on how many are signed up, age, and weight.  From there we will determine how many teams we will have and then we will assign coaches.

Q: I would like to be a coach or assistant coach, who do I contact?
A: For Football, please email

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